Sep 22, 2023

2023 MBP Retreat a Success!

The 2023 Medical Biophysics (MBP) Retreat was held from Monday, September 18 to Wednesday, September 20 at Campfire Circle Muskoka on beautiful Lily Lake. The three-day event brought MBP students and faculty members together to engage in meaningful knowledge-sharing activities in a relaxed and bucolic setting.

Approximately 150 MBP graduate students and 30 MBP faculty participated in the 2023 event, which featured opportunities for MBP students and faculty to network, learn more about the MBP Graduate program and engage in team-building and social activities. 

Throughout the three days, MBP-focused research presentations were provided by:

PhD Exit Talks were given by:

  • Andrea Tench
  • Michael Woolman
  • Liam Lawrence

Additionally, the event featured a ‘recruitment networking’ event aimed at connecting new MBP students with recruiting MBP labs. Several MBP faculty participated, showcasing their research to first year students who are in the process of determining labs for their second and third rotations.

The MBP Retreat also featured a very special MBP Awards ceremony.

Walker-Marshall Prize

The award is given to a student who has completed a PhD in the Department during the past year or is expected to have completed the PhD by December of this year. It recognizes a combination of academic excellence, scientific impact from thesis work and participation in and contribution to the culture, student life and student welfare in the Department.

The 2023 Walker-Marshall award was awarded to Dr.Cornelia Redel.

MBP PhD Achievement Award

These awards recognize PhD students for outstanding academic achievements, annually. Selection criteria are based on the overall quality of students’ PhD theses, with a specific focus on publications, patents, development of devices/methods, contributions to clinical practice and knowledge translation.

The 2023 MBP PhD Achievement Award recipients:

  • Dr. Anum Rahman (Applied)
  • Dr. Ethan Malkin (Basic)
  • Dr. Alex Dhaliwal (Translational)
  • Dr. Shengrui Feng (Translational)

Mentorship Award

As part of a student-led initiative, Dr. Scott Bratman was awarded the Excellence in Mentorship Award in recognition of his exceptional dedication to graduate student development & continued commitment to mentorship within the Department.

Special thanks to all participants and event organizers for making the 2023 MBP Retreat a success!

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