MBP EDI Committee Terms of Reference

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MBP EDI committee was formed to promote diversity in recruitment, retention, promotion, recognition at faculty and student levels within the department, ensure an inclusive environment for all members of the department and champion equity, i.e. same access and opportunities for all students and faculty. While such an environment is a shared responsibility of all the departmental members and requires their ongoing commitment, the committee was formed to coordinate departmental efforts in this domain. Using its shared expertise and experience, the committee will identify EDI-related issues, proposed initiatives and prioritize them, and monitor the effectiveness of these efforts. The committee will also be engaged in raising awareness of equality and diversity issues in the Medical Biophysics Department.


  1. To track departmental demographics with respect to all members’ training and career development.
  2. To identify departmental EDI gaps, formulate and prioritize objectives, and review progress.
  3. To propose the implementation of equal opportunities initiatives and activities for faculty and students so as to help us meet our equality priorities and objectives.
  4. To review the impact of policies, procedures and processes, identify remaining gaps and recommend relevant actions.
  5. To help the department become an EDI exemplar at the University.
  6. To foster cohesion and eliminate discrimination, by promoting the involvement and interaction of a diverse range of staff and students in departmental operations.
  7. To engage with all departmental committees as required to ensure EDI matters are a part of their agendas as required


Members of the EDI committee are responsible for:

  • providing the Committee with their views and expertise so as to make informed recommendations;
  • undertaking/leading relevant EDI initiatives;
  • keeping up to date with EDI issues and research at large;
  • influencing organisational and cultural changes
  • communicating and embedding EDI practices into all departmental
  • meetings/exams/committees/events that they participate in


  • The departmental Chair will sit on the committee.
  • The Chair of the EDI Committee will be a faculty member and half of the committee will be made up of students, with gender-balanced representation at committee level.
  • Departmental members are welcome to the committee on the first-come-first serve basis
  • The Committee will recruit additional members in response to new membership to maintain above demographics.
    All members are appointed for 2 years, renewable once.
  • The Committee will meet every 1 to 2 months.