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The MedTech Talent Accelerator is a collaboration between the University of Toronto, Toronto Metropolitan University, McGill, the University of Calgary, Dalhousie, Biomedical Zone and Medtech Canada. The program focuses on creating an innovative solution to the shortage of experienced employees in medical technologies. This NSERC-CREATE-funded program aims to provide graduate talent with industry-focused skills and training through Exposure, Engagement, and Experience.

The intention of this program is to develop industry-ready new talents for the Canadian Medical Technology Sector, as it is intended to attract, train and transition talent through 3 distinct pillars; Explore, Engage, and Experience MedTech. Explore MedTech includes R&D innovation seminars, Hack-a-thons, and exclusive training courses designed for professional development. Engage MedTech focuses on personal networking and mentorship activities with industry experts. Most importantly, Experience MedTech includes a 4-month or 8-month internship at a Canadian medical technology company to aid in the transition from academia to Industry. 

Graduates of this program develop a strong understanding of the Canadian Medical Technology Sector, its product development processes and challenges, and obtain hands-on experience to be ready to transition to the Industry immediately.

Important information about the program is listed below.

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*Please note that MBP has our own set of requirements that need to be completed before students can officially apply to the Internship program via the MedTech Accelerator website. These steps are listed below under the heading "Eligibility Criteria for MedTech Internship"

Eligibility Criteria for MedTech Internship

For MBP students to be eligible to apply to/participate in the MedTech Internship, they:

  1. Must have completed all experiments and analysis required for thesis.
  2. Must have completed first draft of thesis that is found acceptable by the supervisory committee. 
  3. Must fulfill the criteria for thesis progress at the time of application:
    1. Must not have been registered in the program for > 6 years at the time of application. 
    2. The mean interval between supervisory committee meetings must be < 14 months 
    3. If a student has successfully defended their thesis but has not yet graduated from the MBP program, they are eligible to enroll in the MedTech program provided they do so while having a student status. In this case, the internship may run beyond their graduation date.
  4. Must obtain agreement from the majority of the supervisory committee members and have a completed MBP MedTech form sent to

Once the criteria above are satisfied, students can officially apply to the MedTech Internship program via the MedTech website.

Sample Timeline (Based on the 2024-25 Academic Year)

Experience Medtech application deadlineOngoing.

Entry points for internship: Apr. 30, Aug. 31 and Dec. 31, 2024

Student responsibilities: Students accepted into Experience Medtech are strongly encouraged to participate in the online coursework and professional development activities prior to their internship, but may also complete these components in parallel with the internship. Students wishing to apply for MedTech internships are responsible for:

  1. Ensuring that they fulfill the above eligibility criteria as of these entry points;

  2. Obtaining permission from their supervisory committees as of these entry points.


MBP students with questions about the MedTech Talent Accelerator should direct them to Dr. Eno Hysi.