Recent Publication from Dr. Hansen He

MBP scientist Dr. Hansen He and research collaborators have published a recent Science Advances article entitled 'Gastrointestinal Transcription Factors Drive Lineage-Specific Developmental Programs in Organ Specification and Cancer', which reveals exciting new insights that link the development of the digestive system to cancer.
Mar 20 / 2020

MBP Scientists Develop Tool to Help Predict Radiation Therapy Response

Dr. Scott Bratman and Dr. Benjamin Haibe-Kains
Mar 20 / 2020

New Publication from Dr. Nilesh Ghugre

MBP scientist Dr. Nilesh Ghugre and research collaborators have published a new Basic Research in Cardiology (BIRC) article entitled 'Action of iron chelator on intramyocardial hemorrhage and cardiac remodeling following acute myocardial infarction'.
Mar 9 / 2020