MBP Appointment Policy

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Medical Biophysics Appointments Policy

The objective of MBP’s Appointments policy is to maintain the high quality of the department’s faculty by identifying scientists who have a commitment to research and for which the institute employer provides appropriate support. Stable and ongoing support from the institutes enables faculty members to commit to the ambitious research projects that we expect of our PhD trainees. Thus, when considering applications for new appointments to the department, evidence of ongoing commitment of the institution is an important factor.


  • Faculty appointed to the rank of Assistant Professor (status only) or higher are expected to hold an on-going, full time staff appointment at a hospital or affiliated research institute. The appointment should be renewable, contingent on academic performance. The faculty member is expected to have the appropriate academic training and experience to develop a successful independent research program and must have a minimum of 75% protected time for independent research. The offer letter needs to specifically state that the appointment fulfills the above requirements.
    • Institute-based scientists that are hired on a time-limited contract (an example for these types of appointments are Affiliate Scientist at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre or similar positions at other research institutes/hospitals) do not qualify for a MBP appointment (for an example description of such positions see below)
      • Affiliate designation is accorded to eligible clinical and basic researchers within the cancer program who participate and contribute to the scientific life at the Princess Margaret, but do not already have a formal appointment within the Institute.
  • A relevant institutional search should have MBP representation, according to the principle agreed between MBP and its institute partners in November 2013: “The Chair, Vice-Chair, or their delegates will serve as MBP Departmental representatives on all appropriate research institute search committees.”
    • The MBP Chair should be contacted at the beginning of the search, if an appointment to MBP is deemed relevant for the candidate(s). This will enable the Appointments and Promotions Committee to select an appropriate representation for the search committee.
    • All potential candidates are required to present a public lecture at their respective research institutes. Members/delegates of the MBP Appointments and Promotions Committee are to be present at this seminar.
  • It is expected that the appointment to MBP will be the primary appointment of a researcher, unless they hold an M.D. degree and perform clinical duties, in which case their primary appointment will be with their clinical department.
  • If a faculty member is cross-appointed to MBP, the Department is expected to become their primary graduate appointment.
  • MBP faculty appointments are subject to annual review. MBP faculty members are expected to actively participate in graduate student teaching/training and MBP events such as student seminar, Geneva Park retreat, and open house.

Medical Biophysics Academic Promotions Process and Guidelines

Promotion through the ranks follow the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine Appointment and Promotion Guidelines. The objective of academic promotions is to acknowledge and reward outstanding scientific and administrative contributions. Promotion from Assistant to Associate Professor and from Associate to Full Professor is rarely at less than five-year intervals. Every promotion includes a number of individual steps, which are highlighted below. These include:

  • Initial pre-review of a detailed CV by the MBP Appointments and Promotion Committee (CVs must be formatted according to the Faculty of Medicine guidelines). The MBP Appointments and Promotion Committee will keep track of individual scientists and proactively contact them at the above timelines to request a CV for pre-review. The committee will then evaluate their academic performance and make a recommendation if this individual should go forward for full review.
  • A faculty member who has been invited to undergo full review will be asked to provide up to three names of individuals that could provide an objective evaluation. These reviewers must be at arm’s length (further information can be found at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine Appointment and Promotion Guidelines). The Chair and the MBP Appointments and Promotion Committee will select additional, independent reviewers.
  • In addition to the CV, every candidate must provide a number of “Data Summary Tables” as part of their application package. These tables will provide a numerical summary of the faculty members performance and include: Research Awards/Grants, Supervision, Publications, Teaching and Citation Metrics (h-index/total citation based on either ISI Web of Science, Scopus or Google Scholar).
  • Once the department receives the letters from the external referees, members of the MBP, Appointments and Promotion Committee will review the letters and make a final decision if the application will be forwarded to the Decanal Committee. The Chair then writes a letter of support for the faculty members’ promotion. The entire promotion package is then sent to the Decanal Committee for full review.
  • Candidates that request early promotion (i.e. outside the five-year recommended timeframe) are encouraged to send their CV together with a detailed explanatory cover letter to the MBP Appointments and Promotions Committee. The APC will evaluate each request individually and provide an appropriate recommendation based on publications, grant funding, student supervision/graduation and MBP-related administrative commitment.

Appointments and Promotions Committee (APC) Members