UTQAP Cyclical Review Results

UTQAP processes support a structured approach for creating, reflecting on, assessing and developing plans to change and improve academic programs and units in the context of institutional and divisional commitments and priorities.

U of T’s approach to quality assurance is built on two primary indicators of academic excellence: 1) the quality of the scholarship and research of faculty; and 2) the success with which that scholarship and research is brought to bear on the achievement of Degree Level Expectations.

These indicators are assessed by determining how our scholarship, research and programs compare to those of our international peer institutions and how well our programs meet their Degree Level Expectations.

Review cycles happen as part of continuous improvement. They provide an unparalleled opportunity to secure the expert advice of leaders in the field concerning academic and administrative issues; assess our performance against leading international programs; identify areas where we can do better and vigorously pursue improvements; secure guidance on key strategic directions; and celebrate successes.

UTQAP Cyclical Review Results for the Department of Medical Biophysics