Course Modules for Non-MBP Students

Print out of courses.

Non-MBP students who wish to take an MBP module for credit can enroll throgh ACORN. Please note that MBP offers 0.25 credit courses only.

For more information on available courses, please visit the MBP Course Modules page.

Please register for courses through ACORN by no later than Friday, September 10.

Please note:

  • MBP 1409H, Medical Device Innovation & Entrepreneurship 
    If you enroll in the Medical Device Innovation & Entrepreneurship course, you must attend the organizational meeting.
  • MBP 1301H, Radiation Oncology: Clinical & Experimental Radiobiology  
    Enrollment for this course is limited to MBP Graduate students only.

If you have any questions about enrolling in MBP courses as a non-MBP student, please Email us.

Withdrawing from a Module

Students can withdraw from a module up until the end of the 3rd class or as long as no more than 50% of the module has been completed. While many instructors and programs consider it best practice to provide students with an interim evaluation of their performance in the course prior to the drop date, this is not a requirement for graduate courses (as per the University Assessment and Grading Practices Policy 2012).