Medical Biophysics

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For information regarding a specific course, please consult the appropriate course coordinator. Information about course instructors and detailed course descriptions are provided in the downloadable 'MBP Course Module Booklet' available in the 'MBP Courses' section below.

Please note that start dates for MBP courses vary. Some courses do not commence at the beginning of the academic year (i.e., second week in September), nor do they end in December or April (as most school terms do). For courses outside of the department, please check start dates with the specific departments. General questions such as enrolment policies and procedures can be addressed to the departmental offices.



Important Registration Deadlines 2019/2020

September 23 Final date to request full-year and September session courses on ROSI.
October 28 Final date to drop September full year or fall (F) session courses without academic penalty.
January 20 Final date to request January session courses on ROSI.
February 24 Final date to drop full-year or January (S) session courses without academic penalty.

      Requests for course withdrawal after the drop date due to extenuating circumstances must be approved at SGS. If the request is not approved, students will have WDR (withdrawal) on their transcripts. 

      MBP Courses and Module Handbook

      • MBP 1101H - Modules in Medical Biophysics I
      • MBP 1102H - Modules in Medical Biophysics II
      • MBP 1103H - Modules in Medical Biophysics III
      • MBP 1104H - Modules in Medical Biophysics IV
      • MBP 1105H - Modules in Medical Biophysics V
      • MBP 1015Y - Biophysics Seminar
      • MBP 1023H - Clinical Radiation Physics and Dosimetry

      Y Course -- 1.0 credit
      H Course -- 0.5 credit

      Collaborative Programs