Mental Health Information for MBP Faculty

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To assist in promoting Mental Health among MBP faculty, the MBPGSA Health and Wellness Committee has released a number of important resources that can be found below.

Student Mental Health & Wellness Reports

The MBPGSA Mental Health and Wellness Committee conducted a survey of MBP students related to the mental health challenges students in the department may experience.

MBP Faculty Tip Sheet

The MBPGSA has compiled an MBP Faculty Tip Sheet to assist faculty in guiding students experiencing issues related to anxiety, or other common stressors.

Download the MBP Faculty Tip Sheet

Mental Health Resources for Students

The MBPGSA has compiled a printable MBP Mental Health Resources List with some of the most essential services. Faculty can use this list to help point MBP students in the right direction when advising them.

Download the MBP Mental Health Resources List

For a longer, more detailed list of Mental Health Resources available to students, please visit the Mental Health Resource page for MBP students.

Printable Mental Health Resources Posters

Below are links to printable posters that can be put up in your lab, or other approved spaces, to raise awareness of mental health resources available for MBP Students.

Mental Health and Wellness Slide Deck from the Faculty of Medicine

Below you will find the Fall 2020 Health and Wellness slide deck for graduate education in the Faculty of Medicine. The slide deck is meant to inform Faculty and Staff of services available to them and students.

Download the Mental Health and Wellness Slide Deck