MBP Course Modules - 2023/24

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Note: Course descriptions and details are subject to change.

Fall 2023

Winter 2024

Projected Course Modules for 2024/2025*

Mandatory courses planned for 2024/2025*

Course Code & Title Credits
MBP1201H: Introductory Biostatistics  0.25 credits
MBP1200H: Scientific Exposition and Ethics  0.25 credits

*Projected course offerings subject to change 

Biology courses planned for 2024/2025*

Course Code & Title Credits
BCH2138H: Advanced Electron Microscopy 0.25 credits
MBP1300H: Quantitative Cancer Genomics  0.25 credits
MBP1301H: Radiation Oncology: Clinical & Experimental Radiobiology 0.5 credits
MBP1302H: Structural Biology & Proteomics  0.25 credits
MBP1303H: Cell Signaling & Metabolism  0.25 credits
MBP1304H: Predictive Oncology & Therapeutics  0.25 Credits
MBP1305H: Experimental Models for Cancer Research  0.25 Credits

*Projected course offerings subject to change  

Physics courses planned for 2024/2025*

Course Title Credits
MBP1023H: Clinical Radiation Physics and Dosimetry  0.25 credits
MBP1400H: Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging  0.25 credits
MBP1402H: Biological Imaging  0.25 credits
MBP1403H: Biophysics of Focused Ultrasound  0.25 credits
MBP1404H: Basics of Cellular and Molecular Biology  0.25 credits
MBP1405H: Introduction to Bio-Microscopies  0.25 credits
MBP1406H: Introduction to Biophotonics  0.25 credits
MBP1407H: Magnetic Resonance Imaging – Overview  0.25 credits
MBP1408H: Medical Device Commercialization Essentials  0.25 credits
MBP1409H: Medical Device Innovation and Entrepreneurship  0.25 credits
MBP1410H: Nanotechnology for Medicine  0.25 credits
MBP1411H: Overview of Medical Imaging  0.25 credits
MBP1412H: Ultrasound Overview  0.25 credits
MBP1413H: Biomedical Applications of Artificial Intelligence  0.25 credits
MBP1415H: Radiotherapy Physics 0.25 credits
MBP1417H: Introduction to Health Physics  0.25 credits

*Projected course offerings subject to change

Important Information About Course Registration

Course module enrolment

To enroll, course modules must be requested by students on ACORN/ROSI. Instructions are available on the Course Registration page of our website. Students can only add a course module if no more than 15% of the course has been completed. Students who do not register (pay or defer fees) by the deadline will be removed from their course registration. Courses such as RST9999Y and the seminar course, MBP1015Y are preloaded and requests are not necessary. Students should check ACORN/ROSI to make sure they are enrolled in these two courses.

  • If students encounter difficulty when enrolling in their courses, they should contact either Donna (uptown students) or Annette (downtown students). 

Course module availability 

All biology stream modules will be offered in alternate years. A core set of physics stream modules is offered every year while more specialized topics will be offered in alternate years or based on student and faculty response to the new curriculum. Course modules schedules can be reviewed on the MBP calendar.

Withdrawing from a course module 

Students can withdraw from a course module up until the end of the 3rd class or as long as no more than 50% of the module has been completed. While many instructors and programs consider it best practice to provide students with an interim evaluation of their performance in the course prior to the drop date, this is not a requirement for graduate courses (as per the University Assessment and Grading Practices Policy 2012).  To request withdrawal from a module, please email the Coordinator of the module and cc Chau Dang and withdraw in ACORN. If students are unable to withdraw in ACORN, they must complete the Drop Course form and email it to Chau Dang.

Policy for students receiving a failing grade in a course module 

In the case where a student receives a failing grade in a module (less than 70%), the failing grade will appear on the student’s transcript. If the module is one of the required modules MBP1200H  or MBP1201H, the student will need to retake the module the following year. A passing grade is required for a module to count toward the graduation requirements.

Courses offered in other Departments

Graduate students at the University of Toronto can take graduate courses offered in any department, subject to availability and approval of their home department; the latter is given by the MBP graduate coordinators (Dr. Greg Stanisz or Dr. Lothar Lilge) on a case-by-case basis with approval of the student’s supervisor and the course coordinator. Please provide Annette (Downtown Students) or Donna (Uptown Students) with a copy of the required approvals. If the student misses the deadline for course registration online, they will need to fill out an Add/Drop Course form.

Some examples of courses that may be of interest to MBP graduate students are listed below.

  1. IMM1431H – Immunotherapy
  2. JNR1444Y – Fundamentals of Neuroscience: Cellular and Molecular
  3. JEB1365H – Ultrasound: Theory and Applications in Biology and Medicine
  4. BME1460H – Quantitative Fluorescence Microscopy: Theory and Application to Live Cell Imaging
  5. JYG1555H – Advanced Topics: Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology
  6. PSL1026H – Advanced Topics: Experimental Cell Physiology
  7. CSC2515H – Introduction to Machine Learning
  8. PSY5110H – Advanced Topics in Behavioural Neuroscience: Imaging Techniques in Preclinical Research
  9. MSC1006H - Neuroanatomy – Introduction to Anatomical Organization of the Brain
  10. PSY4706HS - Human Brain Anatomy
  11. MSC1087H - Neuroimaging Methods using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  12. STA2005H - Applied multivariate analysis
  13. STA4273H – Large Scale Machine Learning
  14. MBP1023H - Clinical Radiation Physics and Dosimetry