New Publication from Dr. Bradley MacIntosh

Apr 29, 2021

Photo of Dr. Bradley MacIntoshDr. Bradley MacIntosh A team of researchers led by MBP scientist Dr. Bradley MacIntosh has published a new Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism article entitled ‘Cerebrovascular assessments to help understand brain-related changes associated with aerobic exercise after stroke’. This article was selected as Editor’s Choice from Canadian Science Publishing, a not-for-profit leader, dedicated to strengthening the integrity, accessibility, and impact of science.

Article Abstract
‘Evidence suggests exercise is “good medicine” after stroke, yet consensus is lacking on the time to initiate, type, exertion level, and duration per session. It remains a challenge to identify outcome measures for stroke−exercise trials that are sufficiently sensitive to intervention parameters. Cerebrovascular assessments, namely cerebral blood flow and intracranial pulsatility, are herein discussed as examples of quantitative brain-specific measures that may be useful to monitor exercise-related brain changes and help to guide stroke rehabilitation interventions.’

View the article on the Canadian Science Publishing website.