Aug 30, 2023

MBP Researchers Awarded Canada Research Chairs

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Several MBP researchers have been awarded Canada Research Chairs by the Government of Canada.

The Canada Research Chairs Program reinforces and recognizes academic research and training excellence in Canadian postsecondary institutions. Chairholders aim to achieve research excellence in engineering and the natural sciences, health sciences, humanities, and social sciences. 

New Canada Research Chairs within MBP

Dr. Jesse Chao, Tier 2 in precision cancer diagnostics and artificial intelligence 

Dr. Mark Chiew, Tier 2 in computational biomedical imaging  

Dr. Housheng (Hansen) He, Tier 1 in RNA medicine 

Dr. Iacovos Michael, Tier 2 in tumor biology and precision oncology 

Dr. Faiyaz Notta, Tier 2 in pancreatic cancer and cancer evolution 

Dr. Bo Wang, tier 2 in artificial intelligence for medicine 

Renewed Canada Research Chairs within MBP

Dr. Trevor Pugh, Tier 2 in translational genomics  

Please join the Department in congratulating these researchers for their outstanding achievements.

Learn more about U of T Canada Research Chairs.