Faiyaz Notta

Faiyaz Notta PhD, University of Toronto
Assistant Professor
Photo of Dr. Faiyaz Notta
Contact Info
T: (416) 581-7374
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
610 University Ave
Toronto, ON, M5G 2C1
Research Interests
Cancer Mechanisms and Models, Data Science and Computational Biology

Dr. Faiyaz Notta is an Associate Researcher at OICR and Principal Investigator at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. He employs genomic, cell biology and single-cell approaches to decipher new molecular targets that are needed to treat pancreatic cancer.

Notta has made important contributions to our understanding of the genomic evolution of pancreatic cancers alongside Dr. Steven Gallinger as part of OICR’s PanCuRx Translational Research Initiative.


Research Synopsis

Research interests

  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Cancer stem cells
  • Cancer genomics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Cell biology

Publications and Awards

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Recent Publications

  • Notta F, Chan-Seng-Yue M, Lemire M, Li Y, Wilson GW, Connor AA, Denroche RE, Liang SB, Brown AM, Kim JC, Wang T, Simpson JT, Beck T, Borgida A, Buchner N, Chadwick D, Hafezi-Bakhtiari S, Dick JE, Heisler L, Hollingsworth MA, Ibrahimov E, Jang GH, Johns J, Jorgensen LG, Law C, Ludkovski O, Lungu I, Ng K, Pasternack D, Petersen GM, Shlush LI, Timms L, Tsao MS, Wilson JM, Yung CK, Zogopoulos G, Bartlett JM, Alexandrov LB, Real FX, Cleary SP, Roehrl MH, McPherson JD, Stein LD, Hudson TJ, Campbell PJ, Gallinger S. A renewed model of pancreatic cancer evolution based on genomic rearrangement patterns. Nature. 2016;538(7625):378-382.
  • Notta F, Doulatov S, Laurenti E, Poeppl A, Jurisica I, Dick JE. Isolation of single human hematopoietic stem cells capable of long-term multilineage engraftment. Science. 2011;333(6039):218-21.
  • Milyavsky M, Gan OI, Trottier M, Komosa M, Tabach O, Notta F, Lechman E, Hermans KG, Eppert K, Konovalova Z, Ornatsky O, Domany E, Meyn MS, Dick JE. A distinctive DNA damage response in human hematopoietic stem cells reveals an apoptosis-independent role for p53 in self-renewal. Cell Stem Cell. 2010;7(2):186-97.