Mar 18, 2022

Exciting Updates from the Gariépy Lab

A photo of Dr. Jean Gariépy

MBP researcher Dr. Jean Gariépy has recently announced a number of exciting updates from his lab.

The first of these announcements involves the lab’s Autumn 2021 CIHR grant proposal, which was ranked first by the Pharmaceutical Sciences review panel. The new project deals with the generation of novel gut-targeted bispecifics to treat IBD patients. Learn more about this project on the CIHR website.

The lab has also recently published 2 major papers. 

The first paper, published in mAbs, titled ‘Agonistic nanobodies and antibodies to human VISTA’ discusses the development of human VISTA nanobodies and mAbs. VISTA is a new immune checkpoint target and we are developing anti-inflammatory and anticancer biologics to modulate the activity of this molecule. View the article on the NCBI website.

The second publication, titled ‘Labeling cell surface receptors with Ligand.BirA* bispecifics’ was published by ACS Pharmacology & Translational Science and describes the creation of bispecifics aimed at labeling cell surface receptors. View the article on the ACS Pharmacology & Translational Science website

Please join the Department in congratulating the Gariépy lab on these remarkable achievements.