Jun 18, 2024

New Publication from the Goubran Lab

Photo of Dr. Maged Goubran
Dr. Maged Goubran

MBP scientist Dr. Maged Goubran has published a new Nature article entitled ‘Tau follows principal axes of functional and structural brain organization in Alzheimer’s disease’.

Article Abstract
'Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a brain network disorder where pathological proteins accumulate through networks and drive cognitive decline. Yet, the role of network connectivity in facilitating this accumulation remains unclear. Using in-vivo multimodal imaging, we show that the distribution of tau and reactive microglia in humans follows spatial patterns of connectivity variation, the so-called gradients of brain organization. Notably, less distinct connectivity patterns (“gradient contraction”) are associated with cognitive decline in regions with greater tau, suggesting an interaction between reduced network differentiation and tau on cognition. Furthermore, by modeling tau in subject-specific gradient space, we demonstrate that tau accumulation in the frontoparietal and temporo-occipital cortices is associated with greater baseline tau within their functionally and structurally connected hubs, respectively. Our work unveils a role for both functional and structural brain organization in pathology accumulation in AD, and supports subject-specific gradient space as a promising tool to map disease progression.'

View the article on the Nature Communications website.