Oct 30, 2023

New Publication from the Danska Lab

Info graphic from publication
Infographic from the publication

MBP scientist Dr. Jayne Danska and her MBP graduate student Quin Xie have published a new Science Translational Medicine article entitled 'Immune responses to gut bacteria associated with time to diagnosis and clinical response to T cell–directed therapy for type 1 diabetes prevention'.

The study uses immune responses to gut bacteria to predict disease onset in the very first Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) prevention trial, TN10, where a single dose of T-cell-targeting immunotherapy, teplizumab, was demonstrated to delay T1D onset.

Xie et al. tested antibody responses in serum samples collected from TN10 participants before and after randomization at multiple timepoints against a panel of 31 gut microbial strains that covers 4 most abundant bacteria phyla in the human gut microbiota. They found that IgG2 antibodies against three gut microbial commensals are associated with the teplizumab response and with time to T1D diagnosis.

Their findings suggest that anti-commensal antibody responses may play a role in T1D progression and may additionally be useful to identify individuals who will benefit from teplizumab treatment in the future.

View this article on the Science Translational Medicine website.