Nov 29, 2021

MBP Researchers Receive UHN Inventor of the Year Award

A photo of Dr. de Carvalho and Dr. Bratman receiving an award.
Mark Taylor, Director, Commercialization at UHN, presents the 2021 Inventor of the Year Award to Drs. Daniel De Carvalho and Scott Bratman.

MBP scientists Dr. Daniel De Carvalho and Dr. Scott Bratman have been named the joint recipients of UHN’s 18th annual Inventor of the Year Award.

Dr. De Carvalho and Dr. Bratman were recognized for 'their work on advancing a specialized form of circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) technology, known as cfMeDIP-seq. cfMeDIP-seq is an ultra-sensitive cell-free DNA methylation pattern detection technology being developed to spot different types of cancers via liquid biopsy.'

Based on this research, Drs. De Carvalho and Bratman recently co-founded the start-up Adelato help improve the lives of patients. Adela is currently developing its biotech platform so that it can identify multiple types of cancers and other conditions with a simple blood test, rather than through traditional surgical biopsy.

Please join the Department of Medical Biophysics in congratulating Drs. De Carvalho and Dr. Bratman on this outstanding achievement.

Read the official news story on the UHN news site.