May 30, 2019  |  8:30am - 5:00pm
Student Event

James Lepock Memorial (JLM) Student Research Symposium

Poster for JLM Symposium

The James Lepock Memorial Student Symposium is an important event, which commemorates the significant contributions of the Dr. James Lepock to research and the Department of Medical Biophysics and provides an opportunity for MBP students to present their research in a conference setting. The JLM Symposium is a student-led initiative, which fosters scientific debate across disciplines, streams and institutes. MBP students have the opportunity to showcase their research in the form of either a scientific poster or oral presentation at the Symposium, and best presenters are recognized with merit awards. This event also features keynote addresses from both local and international experts in the field of Medical Biophysics and is attended by more than 150 students and faculty members every year.

The JLM is a day-long event and is open to all graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, summer/co-op students in MBP and all faculty members in the Faculty of Medicine.

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