Reimand Lab Contributes to Large-Scale International Cancer Genome Project

Feb 6, 2020

Pan-Cancer GroupMembers of the Reimand Lab

MBP scientist Dr. Jüri Reimand and his OICR research team, including MBP graduate student Helen Zhu and MBP alumna Keren Isaev, have contributed to a massive research collaboration project called the ‘Pan-Cancer Analysis of Whole Genome’ (PCAWG), aimed at ‘discovering causes of previously unexplained cancers, pinpointing cancer-causing events and zeroing in on mechanisms of development’. As a part of this immense international collaboration of 1300 researchers, a collection of 23 PCAWG papers were released in Nature and related journals this week. The Reimand lab co-led two papers within this collection on pathway analysis of mutations and they were also deeply involved in a cancer driver discovery collaboration.

To learn more about this project and MBP involvement, please see the links below.

Immersive Nature landing page for the entire project.

ActivePathways paper (led by the Reimand lab: coauthor MBP student Helen Zhu).

Pathways and networks working group paper (co-led by the Reimand lab).

Drivers working group paper (collaboration, co-author MBP alumna Keren Isaev).

Marker paper for the entire project (Dr. Reimand and Keren Isaev acting as co-authors).

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