OICR to fund discovery projects led by two MBP researchers

Jul 24, 2019

Photo of Dr. Rob Rottapel and Dr. Liliana Attisano

Two cancer therapeutics research projects led by MBP researchers Dr. Liliana Attisano and Dr. Rob Rottapel will be receiving financial support through OICR's Cancer Therapeutics Innovation Pipeline (CTIP) initiative, as selected by an international expert review panel from 18 applications.

Dr. Attisano is acting as principal investigator on a funded project entitled "Identification of kinase inhibitors to block the tumour-promoting activity of YAP/TAZ for cancer therapeutics", while Dr. Rottapel is principal investigator on a funded project titled "Development of kinase inhibitors for ovarian cancer: A novel first in-class immune-oncology therapeutic agent targeting tumor intrinsic stress states." These initiatives will each receive up to $250,000 per year, for up to two years, to advance the development of drug candidate molecules.

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