New Publication from Dr. Scott Bratman and Dr. Trevor Pugh

Oct 7, 2020

Dr. Bratman and Dr. PughDr. Scott Bratman and Dr. Trevor Pugh

MBP scientists Dr. Scott Bratman, Dr. Trevor Pugh and fellow research collaborators have published a new Nature article entitled 'Personalized circulating tumor DNA analysis as a predictive biomarker in solid tumor patients treated with pembrolizumab'.

Article Abstract
'Immune checkpoint blockade (ICB) provides clinical benefit to a subset of patients with cancer. However, existing biomarkers do not reliably predict treatment response across diverse cancer types. Limited data exist to show how serial circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) testing may perform as a predictive biomarker in patients receiving ICB. We conducted a prospective phase II clinical trial to assess ctDNA in five distinct cohorts of patients with advanced solid tumors treated with pembrolizumab (NCT02644369). We applied bespoke ctDNA assays to 316 serial plasma samples obtained at baseline and every three cycles from 94 patients. Baseline ctDNA concentration correlated with progression-free survival, overall survival, clinical response and clinical benefit. This association became stronger when considering ctDNA kinetics during treatment. All 12 patients with ctDNA clearance during treatment were alive with median 25 months follow up. This study demonstrates the potential for broad clinical utility of ctDNA-based surveillance in patients treated with ICB.'

View the full article on the Nature website.