MBP Researchers Launch Artificial Intelligence Startup

Sep 23, 2020

Dr. Thomas Purdie and Dr. Chris McIntoshDr. Thomas Purdie and Dr. Chris McIntosh MBP researchers Dr. Thomas Purdie and Dr. Chris McIntosh have launched a new Startup called Bridge 7, which applies artificial intelligence to the improvement of cancer treatment.

Bridge 7 uses AI to accelerate the triaging and treatment planning process for cancer patients by using machine learning models and algorithms to acquire the important features of a case. These attributes can help determine the types of treatment given to patients.

This technology was developed within UHN Network facilities and is already being used in hospitals around the world.

Bridge 7 has also been selected for Canada’s Google for Startups Accelerator, which was ‘created to foster companies that focus on local issues, helping them address their specific markets and giving them access to Google’s resources’.

Please join the Department in congratulating Dr. Purdie and Dr. McIntosh on their remarkable achievements.

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