Form for Disclosing Concerning or Inspiring Personal Interactions

The MBP EDI Committee has developed a confidential online tool that MBP learners, staff and faculty can use to make the department aware of personal interactions that either fall outside the norms of professional behavior or are exceptionally positive, inclusive and inspiring. While the University has policies and procedures in place that deal with harassment, a range of behaviours do not meet this definition of mistreatment, yet can affect one’s well being and ability to function in a learning environment.

The Department seeks to become better informed about particularly positive or negative behaviours that are experienced or witnessed by members of the department. This information will be used to improve departmental policies and procedures and develop new educational offerings that promote positive personal interactions. When preferred, disclosures can be made anonymously: doing so does not in any way limit the rights of the individual to seek recourse through other mechanisms, but it will confound our ability to ensure proper support mechanisms are in place for the person making the disclosure.

All disclosures will be read and reviewed only by the department chair and/or the chair of the EDI committee. No other faculty or MBP staff have access to  review submissions.

This form is NOT FOR EMERGENCIES. If you are concerned about impending harm to yourself or others you should call 911 or seek immediate assistance. You should submit a form only after safety is ensured.