Fees and Stipends

Fees: The fee structure of the School of Graduate Studies differentiates between students who are Canadian citizens and/or permanent residents (non-visa) and international students (visa).

The tuition and incidental fees for 2017-2018 are:

  • Domestic students (Canadian Citizens and/or Permanent Residents) $8,480.14
  • International students $23,692.14*

*TOTAL includes UHIP (University Health Insurance Plan) premium. UHIP is compulsory for all international students as well as recent permanent residents and returning Canadian citizens who are in their 3 month OHIP wait period.

For more information, please visit the Student Accounts website:

Financial Support:

  • The Department encourages all admitted students to apply for any financial awards for which they are eligible. If a student receives a Competitive External Award (hereafter referred to as CEA), s/he will receive an additional $4000.
  • If a student does not obtain an award, s/he will still receive the base stipend.
    Stipend for the 2017-2018 Academic Year
      Base Stipend Top-up Total Stipend
    MSc students $26,750 0 $26,750 (or $2,229 per month)

    MSc students with CEA

    $26,750 $4,000 $30,750* (or $2,562 per month)
    PhD students $28,780 $28,780 (or $2,398 per month)
    PhD students with
    $28,780 $4,000 $32,780* (or $2,732 per month)

*Note: For students with awards, the value of the award is included in the total stipend.

  • Students are responsible for paying their own tuition fees.
  • As a VISA student, you will be responsible for paying the portion equivalent to the domestic student tuition fee. The differential between this and the foreign student fee will be paid by the Department and supervisor as follows: the Department will pay 50% of the differential fee and student’s health insurance for a maximum of 5 years for each student (first two years for M.Sc and first three years of Ph.D).  During these time periods, the remaining 50% of the differential fee and student’s health insurance will be paid by the supervisor.  After the maximum of 5 years, the supervisor will be responsible for 100% of the fee differential and student’s health insurance.  At no time will the student be responsible for more than the current domestic tuition fee.  All VISA students must apply for Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS).


For more information on financial support, visit this website http://www.sgs.utoronto.ca/currentstudents/Pages/Financing-Your-Graduate-Education.aspx

CEA (Competitive External Award)