Jeffrey A. Medin

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PhD, University of Kentucky

MBRC Room 5R406
101 College Street
Toronto, Ontario M5G 1L7

Phone: (416) 340-4745
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Gene Transfer/Therapy:

Our laboratory focuses on basic biomedical research and clinical translation directed towards amelioration of inherited and acquired disorders. We are especially interested in rational applications that interplay with the hematopoietic system.

Current laboratory projects:

Cancer Immunotherapy
Immunotherapy offers the potential to eliminate localized cancers, tumor stemcells, and also metastatic disease. One set of projects here involves transferof sequences for cytokines and shRNAs into tumor cells directly to modulate specificanti-cancer immune responses. Another set of projects involves the generationof novel monoclonal antibodies and then subsequent chimeric antigen receptors(CARs) against tumor-specific antigens in order to impact T cell- and NK cell-basedimmune responses.

Prostate Biomarkers and Biology
Through comprehensive proteomic screens of samples from patients with aggressiveversus indolent prostate cancer, we have identified novel factors that may beinvolved in prostate cancer initiation and progression. Projects here will involvedetailed examination of the role of these factors and the effects of modulationof their expression on in vitro and in vivo outcomes.

Modulation of Acid Ceramidase Expression
Acid ceramidase (AC) plays a key role in regulating the balance between cellularceramide and sphingosine-1-phosphate. Depending on the context, these lipidseither promote apoptosis or promote cell proliferation. Projects here involvegenerating models with increased or decreased levels of AC activity and determiningbiological outcomes as related to a variety of cell types and tissues.

Fabry Disease
We have been working for a number of years on the development and implementationof clinical gene therapy trials targeting hematopoietic stem cells for the sustainedsystemic correction of Fabry disease.


List of Key Publications:

Link to Pubmed Publications
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