Jean Gariépy

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PhD, University of Alberta

Sunnybrook Health Science Centre
2075 Bayview Avenue, Room M7 434
Toronto, Ontario M4N 3M5

Phone: (416) 480-5710
Lab Phone: (416) 480-6100 x3282
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Molecular Engineering and the development of targeted biological therapies

Our laboratory is interested in developing both in vivo imaging modalities and targeted therapies directed at epithelial cancers (breast, colon, prostate, ovarian, lung, pancreas). Our research program is a fine balance of both basic and applied research projects aimed at understanding how peptides, proteins and oligonucleotide templates work and how they can be engineered or utilized in developing directed therapies against tumor cells (either through the design of cancer vaccines, RNA/DNA/protein therapeutics or delivery vectors).

The spectrum of approaches taken by our group to address our design and discovery programs ranges from peptide synthesis, combinatorial protein or DNA library design/screening, cell biology/microscopy techniques to yeast genetics and mouse models.

We presently are designing and screening protein libraries as well as SELEX/DNA aptamer libraries with a view to discover new surface markers on epithelial cancer cells and in designing tumor-specific agents. We are also closely involved in constructing new imaging agents for the in vivo detection of millimeter –size tumor masses. Since marker discovery is a major part of our future work and is based on no a priori knowledge of such molecules (we are scanning the surface of cancer cells), we are developing strategies, in collaboration with mass spectrometrists at UHN to identify such novel markers.

Because of the broad nature of our molecular engineering efforts, projects in our laboratory are usually tailored to a student’s expectations and aptitudes.


List of Key Publications:

Link to Pubmed Publications
  • McCluskey AJ, Poon GMK, Gariépy J. (2007) A Rapid and Universal Tandem-Purification Strategy for Recombinant Proteins. Protein Science. 16, 2726-32.

  • Poon GM, Gariépy J. (2007). Cell-surface proteoglycans as molecular portals for cationic peptide and polymer entry into cells. Biochem Soc Trans. 35, 788-93.

  • Kawamaura KS, Sung M, Bolewska-Pedyczak E and Gariépy J. (2006). Probing the impact of valency on the routing of argininerich peptides into eukaryotic cells. Biochemistry 45, 1116-27.

  • LaPointe P, Wei X and Gariépy J. (2005). A role for the proteasesensitive loop region of Shiga-like toxin 1 in the retrotranslocation
    of its A1 domain from the endoplasmic reticulum lumen. J Biol Chem 280, 23310-8.

  • Brokx RD, Revers L, Zhang Q, Yang S, Mal TK, Ikura M and Gariépy J. (2003). Nuclear magnetic resonance-based dissection of
    a glycosyltransferase specificity for the mucin MUC1 tandem repeat. Biochemistry. 42, 13817-25.

  • Brokx RD, Bolewska-Pedyczak E and Gariépy J. (2003). A stable human p53 heterotetramer based on constructive charge interactions within the tetramerization domain. J Biol Chem. 278, 2327- 32.

  • Kawamura KS, Su RC, Nguyen LT, Elford AR, Ohashi PS and Gariépy J. (2002). In vivo generation of cytotoxic T cells from epitopes displayed on peptide-based delivery vehicles. J Immunol 168, 5709-15.


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