Salomon Minkin

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Associate Professor

PhD, University of Toronto

Ontario Cancer Institute / Princess Margaret Hospital
610 University Avenue, Room 9-411
Toronto, Ontario M5G 2M9

Phone: (416) 946-2933
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Statistical Models for Certain Assays in Cancer Research

Dr. Minkin's research goal is to develop effective statistical methods for the analysis of data generated by laboratory-based cancer research. These include: a) assays developed to evaluate in vitro the patient sensitivity to chemotherapeutic agents and b) assays developed to identify dietary factors that promote the development of colon cancer in rodents.

In leukemia research, assays to study the biological properties of the patient blast cells play a central role. In particular, the measurement of patient stem cell sensitivity to a drug, and of factors affecting this sensitivity have been the focus of considerable effort. In previous work, Dr. Minkin has shown that careful statistical analysis and modelling techniques are extremely valuable in identifying the clinically relevant characteristics of the dose-response curves obtained in these assays. This has led to the development of experimental designs for this type of assays which provide more precise information about the relevant characteristics. Currently, Dr. Minkin is developing methods for combining information from assays that explore different characteristics of the blast cells. Also statistical methods for the assessment of synergism between multiple chemotherapeutic agents are under study.

In the area of colon cancer prevention one short-term assay used for assessing the promotion ability of dietary factor consists of determining the size of aberrant crypt foci in rodent colons. Statistical methods based on the stochastic characteristics of the growth of crypts are being developed for analyzing data generated in these assays. The aim is to have a technique that will be highly sensitive to detect even small effects, whose performance will not depend on assumptions which cannot be empirically validated. The results of Dr. Minkin's studies should provide valuable quantitative information with potential applications for the treatment or prevention of cancer.


List of Key Publications:

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