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PhD, University of Alberta

Ontario Cancer Institute / Princess Margaret Hospital
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Toronto, ON M5G 2M9 CANADA

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Signalling Mechanisms in Hematopoietic Cells

Cells within the bone marrow respond to a host of growth factors that promote their growth, survival and differentiation. Our laboratory studies signal transduction in normal and leukemogenic hematopoiesis. Current studies are focussed in three specific areas: understanding the role of Erythropoietin (EPO) in red blood cell production, characterization of the signal transduction pathways activated downstream of BCR-ABL and delineation of the molecular mechanism underlying the poor prognosis of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia patients harbouring deletions at Chromosome 9q34.

EPO is the major cytokine regulator of red blood cell production. This cytokine binds to its cognate receptor (EPO-R) and initiates signal transduction through activation of the JAK2 cytoplasmic tyrosine kinase. JAK2 subsequently phosphorylates the EPO-R on several cytoplasmic tyrosine residues, which facilitates recruitment of several SH2 domain-containing proteins. Genetic evidence suggests that deletion of EPO, EPO-R or JAK2 in mice results in embryonic lethality due to a fatal anemia that develops during embryogenesis. This implies that critical signals emanate downstream of the EPO-R and/or JAK2.

Our approaches to dissect EPO-mediated signalling are to utilize knockout mice devoid of expression of critical downstream players. In addition, we have used microarray to examine gene regulation mediated by EPO. We are most interested in characterizing the transcriptome in primary cells under conditions that support normal and stress erythropoiesis.

Approximately one-half of leukemias arise from chromosomal translocations. Novel fusion proteins are generated which deliver a growth advantage to the stem cell in which they reside in the bone marrow. We are interested in the tyrosine kinase subclass of chromosomal translocations including TEL-JAK2 and BCR-ABL. Our goal is to identify the critical downstream signalling pathways that contribute to leukemogenesis mediated by BCR-ABL. We are utilizing retroviral transduction/bone marrow transplantation technology to approach this problem.

The causative agent of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) is the BCR-ABL chromosomal translocation. Dr. Jeremy Squire has demonstrated that a subset of CML patients with poor prognosis harbour deletions centromeric to the ABL gene at Chromosome 9q34. His laboratory has mapped a minimal deleted region of 120 MB that contains several genes. Our current studies are to identify and characterize the expression pattern of these genes in CML cell lines and primary CML cells. Our long-term goal is to develop mice devoid of expression of the genes located in the deleted region to determine whether BCR-ABL causes a more aggressive disease in a bone marrow transplant model.


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