Walker/Marshall Prize

This prize was created to honour the memories of Conrad Walker (1973-1997) and Raymond Marshall (1959-1993), two talented young scientists who died tragically while graduate students in Medical Biophysics.

The purpose of this prize is to recognize a Medical Biophysics student whose work and achievements are judged to be both outstanding in their own right and representative of the ideals and culture of the Department. Criteria include: uniqueness and significance of academic work, publication record and contribution to student life and culture of Medical Biophysics  Only students in the final year* of their PhD studies will be considered.

The award, together with a certificate and $2,000 cash prize, is made at the annual Departmental Retreat at Geneva Park.

Nominations for the Walker-Marshall Prize should include a strong letter of support from the supervisor (co-signed by all members of the supervisory committee) and a copy of the student’s curriculum vitae.

*The student should expect to graduate in the same academic year that the prize is awarded

Walker-Marshall awardees

1998 Dr. Mary-Claire Kavanagh
1999 Dr. Nina Jones
2000 Dr. Valerie Notenboom
2001 Dr. Blair Szymczyna
2002 Dr. Russell Jones
2003 Dr. Thaddeus David Allen
2004 Dr. Lynn Wong
2005 Dr. Brad MacIntosh
2006 Dr. Carlo Hojilla
2007 Dr. Mahadeo Sukhai
2008 Dr. Jay Detsky
2009 Dr. Karla Badger-Brown
2010 Dr. Jelena Tomic
2011 Dr. Megan Nelles
2012 Dr. Megan Barker
2013 Dr. Alison Aiken
2014 Dr. Shawn Stapleton
2015 Dr. Diana Merino
2016 Dr. Melanie Morrison
2017 Dr. Justin Lau
2018 Dr. Erin Stewart