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International Applicants

Medical Biophysics defines international applicants as students from foreign countries or applicants who completed their final degree(s) at a non-Canadian university.

International applicants must initially apply for our Master's program. Academic records will be evaluated to determine their equivalency to a University of Toronto four-year bachelor's degree and a minimum academic standing of B+. Please refer to the School of Graduate Studies website to verify your qualifications (

English Language Facility: If the primary language of your country of origin is not English, you are required to demonstrate your facility in English by completing the TOEFL test ( The department requires a minimum score of 105 (iBT internet-based test) or 620 (PBT paper-based test) and TWE. of 5.0.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE): All applicants who completed their program of study at a non-Canadian university may be required to take the Graduate Record Examination -- Revised GENERAL TEST and the most appropriate SUBJECT TEST. Generally, the minimum requirement is above 80th percentile for each section: verbal reasoning (.>159), quantitative reasoning (>160) and analytical writing (4.5).

  • Applicants must make their own arrangements to write the TOEFL and GRE. Please have the official results sent directly to the School of Graduate Studies by the testing agency . Institution Code: 0982 (Univ Toronto) and Dept Code: Bio Physics 36 or 0222 (Biophysics)
  • These requirements should be met at the time the applicants submit their applications.
  • Test results over two years old are not valid. Applicants who fail to submit test results will be denied admission.

In addition to your official transcripts, you must submit official copies of your diploma or degree certificate. Official copies must be stamped with the institution's official seal, put in an institutional envelope, sealed and signed by your university's registrar

To proceed to the application procedures, please click here. The application fee cannot be waived or deferred.

Visa students who have been offered admission into our program are responsible for paying the portion equivalent to the Canadian student tuition fee. The department and supervisor will pay the differential tuition fee and your health insurance. This will be limited to 3 years for a MSc or 5 years in total.

Students are eligible to receive their stipend at the time they start their graduate work in the Department. However, there are occasional delays in payment resulting from external paperwork. Upon arrival, it is recommended that you have at least $3000 CDN to cover your expenses in case your stipend/salary is delayed.

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