Fees & Stipend for 2018 - 2019

The student living allowance is increased by 2.0% in 2018-2019:

2018-2019 Student Base Funding

Domestic     International  
MSc PhD   MSc PhD
18,635.00 20,706.00 Living Allowance 18,635.00 20,706.00
8,489.52 8,489.52 2018-19 Tuition Fees 24,229.52 *8,489.52
N/A N/A UHIP 624.00 624.00
27,124.52 29,195.52 Total (Base Funding) 43,488.52 29,819.52

*Effective Fall 2018, International PhD students are subject to the same tuition fees as domestic PhD students.

Top-Up Practices

Most awards that require student applications are eligible for a top-up from their supervisor excluding.  For a list of Awards Eligible for Top-up, please go to http://glse.utoronto.ca/graduate-student-financial-support
The top-up amounts are as follows:

Award Amount Top-Up*
$0.00 to $2,000 There will be no top-up but the student gets to keep the award(s), up to a combined maximum of $2,000. The amount of the award will not be deducted from the base funding.
Between $2,001 to $15,000 (cumulative awards) Award goes towards the base funding and the student receives a $2,000 top-up over their base funding.
Over $15,000 (cumulative awards) Award goes towards the base funding and student receives a $4,000 top-up over their base funding.


  • Within an academic year, the total cumulative top-up maximum is $4,000. That is, if a student holds an award between $2,001 to $15,000 and also an award over $15,000, their total top-up is $4,000.
  • Top-up eligibility excludes University of Toronto Fellowship (e.g, UTF Open), Doctoral Completion Awards, Departmental osotf awards, and bursaries.
  • Payment of top-ups will occur annually for the duration of the award. Thereafter, the student will revert back to the appropriate base graduate student funding package amount.
  • A student, who receives award(s) exceeding the amount equivalent to the base funding and top-up, will not be eligible to receive a top-up for these award(s).


Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Funds (OSOTF) Awards
Students who receive funding from needs-based and merit awards, such as OSOTFs, are required to consider such funds as part of their base funding. See above for top up policy for such awards

Non-repayable grants, such as the UTAPS and SGS Emergency Grant, which assists students with sudden and/or unexpected financial need, are not part of the base funding outlined above. A student under these circumstances is therefore eligible to retain the entire amount of such an award.