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Welcome to the Department of Medical Biophysics at the University of Toronto. Within these pages you will find information describing the Department, its research and graduate programs as well as its history, along with profiles of the Faculty and their specific interests. You will find information here on applying to our Department for graduate studies: we encourage you explore this website and to contact the Department Office or the Faculty themselves with any questions you may have.

For many prospective graduate students the first question will be, what is Medical Biophysics? The name reflects our central focus, which is the application of research disciplines spanning through biological and physical science to the problems of medicine. Our approach is unique in many respects and has been driven throughout our 50-year history by our principal focus: cancer research. In fact, our Department has its roots in the Ontario Cancer Institute’s original Biology and Physics Divisions and has retained much of this structure: almost all of our laboratories are in hospital-based institutes and translation of our work into clinical medicine is our shared goal. Our programs embrace students from backgrounds in Molecular and Cell Biology, Physiology, Biochemistry and Chemistry as well as Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science and beyond. The diversity of our Faculty and the preponderance of multi-disciplinary projects reflects these backgrounds. In the descriptions of our laboratories and their projects you will find projects in tumour biology, radiobiology, membrane function, molecular interactions, gene expression, cell differentiation and growth control, viral and chemical carcinogenesis, cellular and molecular immunology, hematopoiesis, macromolecular structure, the physics and engineering of and diagnostic imaging and image-guided therapeutics, the development of imaging and therapy systems involving ultrasound, x-ray, nuclear magnetic resonance, light and electron optics, nanotechnology and more. We hope that you will find them as exciting as we do.

Thomas Kislinger
Professor and Chair
Department of Medical Biophysics
University of Toronto
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