Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

The Department of Medical Biophysics and the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Toronto are committed to the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion in all that we do. This includes:

  • recruiting students, faculty, and staff that reflect the diversity of our society.
  • maintaining an environment of equity and fairness where all can work and learn.
  • assuring that our programs and curricula prepare our graduates to meet the needs of the diverse communities they will serve in their careers in Canada and around the world.

For more information, please see the Faculty of Medicine Diversity Statement.

Learn more about how the Faculty of Medicine fosters and promotes equity, diversity and inclusion at the Faculty EDI Website.

MBP EDI Code of Conduct

MBP fully embraces the University of Toronto statement on equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI). In that context, all members of the department will:

  • incorporate consideration of EDI in student recruitment, training, and evaluation as well as faculty recruitment, retention, and promotion, toward the goal of greater diversity in the MBP faculty and in the professions pursued by MBP graduates, reflecting broader society.
  • identify unconscious bias disadvantaging specific groups and develop strategies to mitigate its impact in all departmental activities.
  • encourage open discussion of EDI issues that is respectful and evidence-based.

MBP Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Medical Biophysics Equity, Diversity and Inclusion committee meets regularly to discuss and address issues related to EDI within the department. This committee also develops outreach workshops and hosts EDI seminars that all MBP students and faculty are encouraged to participate in.

Current MBP EDI committee members:
Vinayak Bhandari, Yr 3 Phd student in Bristow/Boutros lab
Stecia Marie Fletcher, Yr 2 MSc student in O’Reilly lab
Dr. Thomas Kislinger, MBP Professor and MBP Dept Chair
Dr. Bojana Stefanovic, MBP Associate Professor
Dr. Graham Wright, MBP Professor

EDI-Mandated Representatives on Departmental Committees
Dr. Anne Martel, MBP Professor, MBP Student Admissions Representative - Uptown
Dr. Thomas Kislinger, MBP Chair, MBP Student Admissions Representative - Downtown
Dr. Bojana Stefanovic MBP Associate Professor, MBP Executive Committee Representative
Dr. Graham Wright, MBP Professor, MBP APC Committee Representative

If you would like to know more about the MBP EDI Committee, please review the Terms of Reference (PDF).

To learn how to get involved, or if you have any questions, please email MBP EDI Committee Chair Dr. Bojana Stefanovic.

Upcoming Departmental EDI Seminars

  • Friday, January 18, 2019, 10-11 am - PMCRT 4-204: "MBP EDI Student DIalogues: My Role In Today's Climate". A student-run MBP Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Seminar for students only (Faculty will not be attending), moderated by Stecia-Marie Fletcher. To register, please email Stecia.

EDI Training Opportunities

EDI Resources

  • The MBP EDI Committee ran a department-wide survey on demographics and initiatives in the fall of 2018. The results can be found on the MBP Executive Committee Website. Please note that the MBP Executive page is password-protected, so this page can only be accessed by faculty. If you are a current MBP student and wish to review these results, please contact Dr. Bojana Stefanovic.

  • University of Toronto Strategies for Recruiting an Excellent & Diverse Faculty Compliment

  • The Graduate Conflict Resolution Centre is a partnership between the School of Graduate Studies, Student Life and the UTGSU. Through the centre, graduates students can talk confidentially to a member of the G2G Peer Advisor team about resources available to support grad students, conflict resolution strategies, and options for dealing effectively with any issue or dispute, including issues related to equity, diversity and inclusion. Individual appointments can be booked at the G2G Website.